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    October-November 2018
    Vol. 101, No. 10


  • Editorial: John Chapman and Inspiring Leadership

    EDITORIAL | Chapman was there for his teammates, an example that resonates in today’s Air Force.

  • Bombers Watching Over the Pacific

    Andersen AFB, Guam, is the focal point of USAF’s Continuous Bomber Presence and all that goes into supporting it.

  • Goldfein's Multi-Domain Vision

    Future success requires quick decisions and wide-ranging action.

  • Life in Typhoon Alley

    The civil engineers and weathermen at Kadena AB, Japan, are kept busy during Okinawa’s storm season.

  • The Siege of Kobani

    The city seemed doomed until airpower came to the rescue.

  • USAF Leadership

  • A Golden Age at Yokota

    The small base near Tokyo is quickly evolving into a one-of-a-kind hub for the Pacific region.

  • Arsenal of Democracy

    This month, as part of our centenary review, Air Force Magazine looks back at a small sample of the many, many ads we’ve carried.

  • The Chappie James Way

    Excellence, determination, and grit drove his historic rise to the top of the US military.

  • Into Son Tay

    The rescue operation was almost perfect—but the POWs were gone.

  • Back to Schweinfurt

    Eighth Air Force’s second Schweinfurt raid punctuated the grim period before long-range fighter escorts assisted the bombers.

  • Namesakes: Goodfellow

  • Letters

  • Forward Deployed

    The Airmen at the Thai Cave Rescue

  • Aperture

    ​Acquisition at the Speed of Fear

  • News from the Daily Report

    Air Force Magazine’s Daily Report brings you the latest USAF, airpower, and national security news from our award-winning writers and editors.

  • Wingman: AFA Nominees 2018-2019 Candidates for national office and Board of Directors

    Candidates for national office and the Board of Directors.

  • Verbatim

  • Infographic

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