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    May 2019
    Vol. 102, No. 05


  • Editorial: Agile Fighter Development

    Air Superiority: Creating an unfair fight.

  • Wolters on Europe

    An exclusive interview with Gen. Tod D. Wolters, commander of USAFE.

  • F-15EX vs. F-35A

    Two jets from different eras, with different missions, strengths, and weaknesses, face off in a battle for today’s funds.

  • Instant Contracts

    USAF speeds up its game to leverage small business innovators.

  • The Biggest Needs in the Mobility Fleet

    Tankers top the list of a force stretched by constant—and growing—demand.

  • Moving MDC2 from Research to Reality

    Multi-domain command and control moves into the schoolhouse.

  • Building the Air Force We Need

    Keys to shaping tomorrow’s Air Force.

  • POTUS Flies

    The VC-25B will be next in the line of presidential aircraft from FDR to Donald Trump.

  • Operation Allied Force

    How airpower won the war for Kosovo.

  • Welcome Home, Old Friend

    How these Seattle vets rallied to save a B-52 and create a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park.

  • Namesakes: Frank Tyndall

    War Hero, Test Pilot

  • Letters

  • Strategy & Policy

    Skunk Works’ Jeff Babione on preserving the culture, while growing the business.

  • World

    Space Force; Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie; Storming through USAF bases; Boeing 787 MAX 8 crashes; and more ...

  • Faces of the Force

  • Airman for Life: The D-Day Pilot and Flight Nurse; CAP and UAS

  • After the Storm: How AFA’s Tyndall Chapter Helped Airmen Recover

  • ​​​​​​