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    Air Warfare Symposium 2018 Special Edition
    Vol. 101, No. 05

  • SPECIAL INTERACTIVE EDITION: 2018 Air Warfare Symposium

    This digital edition provides you the most in-depth coverage of AWS18, presented in an interactive format with photo galleries and animations. Want the PDF of this issue? Follow the link and find the download button on the bottom right.

  • Editorial: Building an Air Force of Americans

    EDITORIAL | USAF will be stronger with a more diverse pilot force.

  • 10 Hours of White-Knuckle Hell

    Christopher Lewis wasn’t planning on spending the day in a gun turret, calling in air strikes, and shooting ISIS fighters.

  • This is the Air Force's 2045 Moment

    Innovations launched today will determine USAF’s relevance for decades to come.

  • USAF Adapts to "Infinite War"

    In the Cold War, USAF operated within finite bounds. the future holds no such certainty.

  • Thriving and Surviving Through Training

    USAF’s training community views artificial intelligence and virtual reality as keys to an affordable, lethal force.

  • Safer KC-135 Boomer Platform Wins USAF’s Spark Tank Cup

    Six innovative ideas all receive Air Force funding.

  • The Status Quo Needs to Go

    Reading this article on your tablet is adaptation. Embracing its main points during Basic Training is innovation.

  • Fighting the California Fires

    PICTORIAL | When things got hot, MAFFS-equipped airmen were there.

  • Namesakes: Kelly

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  • AFA National Report

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