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    JANUARY 2018
    Vol. 101, No. 01


  • Editorial: A Simple Lesson From 26 Murders in Texas

    EDITORIAL | Devin Kelley’s brutal rampage is a reminder that USAF must perform routine bureaucratic tasks with the same precision it shows at war.

  • USAF's Eyes in the Sky

    U-2s and Global Hawks out of Al Dhafra Air Base bring vision to the war on terror.

  • How the OA-X Might Change Air Force Acquisition

    Can the Light Attack Experiment serve as a model for speeding up USAF acquisition?

  • F-35: Exiting the Pattern

    At long last, the F-35 strike fighter is set to complete development.

  • Richard Hunter, Air Force Cross

    SSgt. Richard Hunter called in short-range air attacks to help a special operations team escape a harrowing ambush. For that, he earned an Air Force Cross.

  • The Arctic Heats Up

    In the high north, things are cold no more.

  • Cyber Warriors Fight USAF's Most Active, and Secret, War

    The challenge: USAF must build a highly skilled force it can’t say much about, to perform missions it can’t really discuss.

  • In Korea, Ready to Fight Tonight

    In the rapidly changing Pacific Theater, the Air Force is determined to maintain the competitive advantage. This is a photoessay. Click the digital version below for optimal value.

  • The Shadow War in Cambodia

    Nixon and Kissinger thought the sustained B-52 bombing in Cambodia could be hidden from Congress and the press.

  • Namesakes: Clark

  • Letters

  • Aperture

  • Forward Deployed

  • Air Force World

  • Infographic: USAF Suicide Numbers: Bad—and Trending UP

  • Verbatim

  • Wingman: Habu's Last Hurrah

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