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    December Giving Joint Assignments Their Due
    Airmen need to be ready for “purple” assignments.
    OctoberThe Air Force, Airpower, and Europe
    USAF is the first line of defense against Russian aggression.
    SeptemberStronger Together
    A little US commitment goes a long way in Central and Eastern Europe.
    AugustThe Bumpy road to Guard Modernization
    The Air Guard is positioning for the future—a long and tumultuous process.
    JulySilent Leadership—At a Cost
    You may not have heard, but the Air Force is flying three-quarters of the missions against ISIS.
    JuneEditorial: Stretch Mobility
    Excessive demand grinds away at USAF’s mobility force.
    MayEditorial: Summer Budget Blockbuster
    This year’s funding battles promise to be epic.
    AprilEditorial: No Carrier, No Problem
    The war on ISIS reached a new high while the Middle East experienced a “carrier gap.”
    MarchEditorial: The Reality of Russia
    Every American President has wanted better US-Russia relations. Putin does not.
    FebruaryTwelve Days in December
    Take nothing for granted in the Trump administration.